Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of our solar panels can vary depending on the complexity of the job and your specific requirements. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so we tailor all our services to meet your needs. Get in touch for a free quote today!

Solar panels are at their most efficient in clear sky conditions, however, they do generate electricity in diffused light. At Barri Davies Electrical, we evaluate your location’s solar potential, considering factors like shading and orientation. Before installation, we assess feasibility and provide accurate production estimates.

We ensure durability and longevity in our solar PV installations, backed by industry-leading materials and craftsmanship.  Typically, the Panels we use have an extensive 25 year product warranty and 30 year power warranty thanks to a 0.4% annual degradation rating enabled by N-type technology.

Your solar panels can’t generate power during a grid outage unless they’re equipped with a solar PV battery storage system. But, no worries – one of the greatest advantages of solar energy is that you can capture it in a battery, and then use it at a later time, so a power outage shouldn’t be an issue.

It is important that as much of the energy generated by the solar PV installation is consumed. This can be achieved by battery storage, and load diverters (a device through which any solar power not being used in your home diverts it to an electrical appliance – namely an immersion heater).

We offer an annual maintenance and ‘health check’ for your solar PV system – this includes cleaning the solar PV panels and checking current and voltage readings for both the DC and AC circuits.  This ensures your system is operating to its maximum potential.